Mrs. Thinnes' Newsletter

Nov.16th, 2015

Classroom Curriculum

Writer's Workshop - This week we will be using author's as mentors while we edit and begin publishing our All About books.
Reader's Workshop - As we read non-fiction text this week we will be exploring strategies to help us define new vocabulary.
Math Workshop - This week we are exploring 2D and 3D shapes. Students will identify and compare shape attributes.
Social Studies - Our main focus is on Native American's this week. Children will learn about the Cherokee Indians and native people of the Northwest. We will begin exploring harvest festivals from around the World. On Friday children will enjoy mooncakes from China's harvest moon festival.
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This week's homework.

Construct a Mayflower ship that will hold the most pilgrims.
Using household materials allow your child to construct a small ship.

1) Your Mayflower ship must be able to float.
2) It may not be more than 14 inches long.

We will be testing our Mayflower Ships on Monday, Nov. 23rd. The goal is to hold as many 'pilgrims' (pennies) as possible.

*Spelling Words will still be sent home. We will be having a spelling test on Friday.
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Classroom Calendar

Mon. Nov. 16th - snack - Colton
encore - Art 2
*LIFT program
Tues. Nov. 17th - snack - Columbia
encore - Chinese
Wed. Nov. 18th - snack - Eden
encore - PE
Thurs. Nov. 19th - snack - Ella
encore - Art
Fri. Nov. 20th - snack - Gavin
encore - Music
Mon. Nov. 23rd - snack - Kevin
encore - Science
Tues. Nov. 24th - snack - Isabella
encore - Media
Wed. Nov. 25th - Thanksgiving Break