Captain Underpants

author: Dav Pilkey

Main characters

The main characters are George, Harold, and Mr. Krupp. George and Harold are two little boys who are always responsible for anything bad that happens. George and Harold are two naughty little boys who made their school principal become the worlds greatest super hero called Captain Underpants. Mr. Krupp can only turn into Captain Underpants if someone snaps their fingers.

Attack of the Talking Toilets

The problem was the whole school and the community was being attack by talking toilets. This whole thing happened by a 3d printer invention by a nerd at the school name Melvin. The 3d printer was named Patsy 2000. Melvin showed George and Harold how it works. so he drew a picture of a mice and left it on top of the printer. what happens next is that once the picture is on top of the printer it copies it and brings it to life, so out came a mice. so Harold and George wanted to try it out so they drew pictures of toilets invading the school and community and, left it on top of the patsy 2000 while Melvin was gone and out came millions of talking toilets. The toilets invaded and destroyed everything in school and outside of school. they ate up all teachers and some students. As time went by they didn't know what to do so, one of the teachers name Ms. Ribble snapped her fingers and boom went Mr. Krupp he had turned into Captain Underpants and had saved the world. :)

By; alyssa reimers