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Some reminders for this week:

Wednesday - Polar Express Day: Wear pajamas and bring a small blanket/towel.
Friday - 2:00 School-wide Sing Along; 2:30 Classroom parties (all are invited)

You received a note in your Thursday folders last week asking for donations for the Christmas party. I have several wonderful mothers who are putting the party together for us, and I appreciate that more than they know. I do not want the cost to fall on them. I've been a homeroom mother before, and it can get expensive to provide food and party supplies for an entire class. The school and PTA did not collect the usual $3-5 party fund donations this year, so we do not have any money to give them. I would appreciate if anyone who can donate would do so. If there's leftover money, they will put it toward our next party. If you are able, please put the money in an envelope marked "party money" so I can give it directly to the homeroom moms. Thank you again for your support. I know the kids are looking forward to a fun party.


I'm still in love with RAZ-kids, and I hope you are still doing it at home. Well, actually I know exactly who is and isn't because I listen to the recordings, and I get weekly reports - ha. I know it's not possible for all, and that's ok, but if you are able, it's a great resource to boost your child's reading level. I've had some already complete their reading level and move on.

As for homework, I would love to know how you feel about the homework we have been sending home. I'm sending another one home today. The kindergarten team is considering making some changes to it after the break. I want to do what's best for your children so your thoughts are appreciated.


Word Study: Reviewing short vowels and word families
Sight words: of
Reading: Cause and Effect
Writing: Organizing a story (beginning, middle, end), sentence structure
Math: Comparing numbers to 10, one more - one fewer

Merry Christmas!

I feel truly blessed to have such a fantastic kindergarten class. They have made my first year at this level so much fun. Thank you for raising such great kids. Have a wonderful break and a Merry Christmas!


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