Character Counts

Introducing Behavior Management and Self Discipline Lessons

Charlotte Anderson Is Striving Towards Greater!

At CAE we are beginning something new! Have you ever been very frustrated with someone and not known what to do? Have you ever felt angry about something, but were unable to solve the problem? Do you have disagreements with your friends and wonder how to resolve them? Our new self discipline and self control lessons will help you to have better relationships with your teachers, friends, and parents. We look forward to teaching the students of CAE other strategies to add to your character traits of responsibility, trustworthiness, citizenship, caring, fairness, and respect.

Teachers will be looking for students "Caught with Control" in our halls and classrooms.

Implementation Schedule

  • Every Friday (with exception to Spring Break & staff development half days)
  • The following Monday Tracy could overview the lesson for the prior week. In addition to focusing on CAE Students of Character look for the specific self discipline skill this week.
  • We could give coupons to students demonstrating these behaviors and draw at the end of each day.

Upcoming Lessons