The Adventure With Jennifer Lopez

By : Briana Schindewolf

Narrative Writing

One day I was sitting in the living room watching TV. Then the host on TV said, know I when chose a card from the box” and I was sitting there crossing my fingers and I said “please chose me!. After then the host finally had pick a card from the box. Then when the host called my name I jumped up and down because I was so to go with JENNIFER LOPEZ!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!! . Then when I heard the doorbell rang I looked through the window and I saw a black limousine outside of my house.

Then I went inside the black limousine with Jennifer

and then she said, “are you ready to start our adventure”? and I said “yes!” so we were on our way. The very first thing that we did together we were singing on of my favorite song that she made and it was “Love don’t cost a thing” and so it was awesome to sing that song with her. Then after that we ate these tasty hamburgers with french fries on the side and ketchup too. Then when we two for me and Jennifer Lopez and the desert was vanilla ice-cream w/ chocolate on the bottom and the whip cream on top.

After we were done with that we went to shop. The we went to was Mac. When we were at Mac we tried on a lot of makeup. Later when we were done with our makeup we went to go curl our hair at the salon. Then when we finally looked at ourselves we looked so BEAUTIFUL!

Later on when we left the salon we went to go eat dinner. The place we went to eat dinner was T.G.I Fridays. The food was so delicious especially the fries! When we were done eating our dinner at T.G.I Fridays we went to go ice skating. When were ice skating I slipped and I fell and got hurt so we had to leave. It fun was fun while it lasted.

When we went home from the skating rink we tried on our new clothes and shoes. Our clothes looked so BEAUTIFUL! Then we started dancing. But, then Jennifer Lopez had to leave. It was so fun and awesome being with her. I hope I can see her again some day.