The History of the Waltz

Lauren Secor, Sarah Shipley, Kim Tran, Megan Zgunda


  • The waltz dates back to the 1500′s.
  • The Waltz is the oldest of the ballroom dances
  • It was met with outraged indignation, for it was the first dance where the couple danced in a modified Closed Position

Appropriate Attire

How To Waltz

  • The basic ballroom waltz is a box step. In a waltz, a step is taken on a count of three.
  • On the first beat, the man bends at the knee, taking a step downward a bit and lifting back up on the following two beats.
  • The first step should be taken on the heel of the foot, following on the balls of the feet. The man leads forward with his left foot on the first beat and the woman follows, taking her right foot back.
  • The man then steps to the side with his right foot on the second beat and the woman follows.
  • The third beat takes the man’s left foot together with his left and the woman’s left foot together with her right.
  • The second round follows in the same way, only the man leads back first with his right and vice versa for the woman.
The Most Beautiful Waltz Music


  • Guests arrive at dusk
  • Enjoy dinner and dine at a table
  • Music begins
  • First dance: Waltz
  • Second dance: Foxtrot
  • Third dance: Quick step
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