Life on the gold fields

by patrick.b

Types of mining on the gold fields

On the gold fields there were two types of mining Alluvial and Shaft mining. Alluvial mining is where gold is foud in big lumps and in with rock. Shaft mining is where you dig a hole about 7 metres deep and 1 metre by 1 metre and you use a wind lass to lower your friend down

Different Tools on the gold fields

There are lots of different tools on the gold fields there was the pan, shovel, pick axe, cradle, seive, buket and a windlass

Some of the tools used

Chinese on the gold fields

Chinese diggers on the gold fields found lots of gold in the gold rush and that was making the Aussie and English diggers angry and they started beating the Chinese diggers up and if the Chinese diden't seriously inger them they were dead.

Women on the gold fields

Women on the gold fields always wanted to look pretty and wear comfy clothing. Most women that came to the gold fields brought their children.

Life on the gold feilds

Life on the gold fields was usually very tuff and there was no qualified doctors or surgens so if you were about to die then you had no hope. There was also not much food on the gold fields only some damper bread which you would bring along with you and there was also a bucher text on the gold fields which you would get meat with lots of flys on it.