SilverSkeans Weekly Update

Week of October 13th-16th

English Language Arts (ELA)

This week students worked on point of view, first and third person specifically. We read a great book by Judy Blume, The Pain and the Great One. The students could really identify with the characters of that story and internalized the switch in perspective from one character to another. At the end of the week we started talking about Theme ( the message of a story). We learned that themes are general statements about a story that can be applied to other stories, TV shows, and movies. We analyzed theme songs from popular shows to see if we could understand what to expect from future episodes if we only heard the lyrics of the theme song.

In writing, we are learning to add dialogue to our stories that are already in progress. Students will be learning about the specific punctuation to use when creating dialogue, as well as when it is best used for development of the plot.

Science is going great! We are continuing to work on saturation.

SLE Indoor Yardsale

Saturday, Oct. 17th, 8am-12pm

200 East Cochran Street

Middletown, DE

Come support the 5th graders' trip to Ellis Island! Invite family and friends.


We are continuing to work on Order of Operations and are using the 3 agreements all mathematicians have set forth for work with the four operations. They are:

1. Complete all tasks with grouping symbols first () [] {}

2. Multiply OR divide in order from left to right (multiplication does not have to happen before division every time, but both of these operations must take place prior to any adding or subtracting outside of parentheses)

3. Add OR subtract in order from left to right.

We will be taking a mid unit summative next week which includes expanded notation, finding factors of numbers, knowing the difference between factors and multiples, prime and composite, multiplication strategies, and order of operations. The students have been seeing these concepts through spiraling review each week through morning work. We have also been completing work in centers so students receive a small group review for each of these areas in preparation for the assessment.

Division will be our next topic to focus on post-assessment.

Buffalo Wild Wings Takeover

Monday, Oct. 19th, 5pm

540 West Main Street

Middletown, DE

This all day event will help us to gather 20% of all sales (with the accompanying flyer) for our trip to Ellis Island. Make sure to include this date in next week's meal planning. No cooking next Monday!

Social Studies

This week we studied why our rights are limited. Situations where freedom of speech might endanger others are great examples of how our speech freedom can be limited (ie, yelling "FIRE!" in a crowded theater when there isn't one). Please ask your child how going to school can show examples of their limited rights. :)

Due Process rights are coming up next week!