Mrs. Cruz chem 7

History of caffeine

Caffeine has been used as a medicinal and recreational substance since before recorded history, by consumption of caffeine bearing plants, the most common examples of these are coffe beans, tea leaves, and guarane (which is what they use in energy drinks). However, the discovery of the chemical did not occur until a young physician by the name of Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge isolated and purified the white crystalline substance in 1819.

Fun facts about caffeine

1)Caffeine increases dopamine levels (which makes you happy) and blocks adenosine recptors(so you can't become drowsy)

2) Caffeine occurs natuarally in 60 different plants such as: tea leaves, coffee beans, ans guarane.

3) Over 90% of americans consume some form of caffeine everyday.

4) 10g of caffeine is considered a lethal dose.

5) Caffeine has been known to have positive effects like increasing peoples ability to learn, increasing memory recall, reflexes, and thought clatity

Biblical integration

Caffeine is used when people need energy or an extra bit of drive to stay up on a late night. However God is the only thing we need to get us through the day, He gives us what we need and more. When people are weary they rely on caffeine, but Isaiah 40:29 says " He gives strenght to the weary and power to the weak. "

Why I chose caffeine

I chose caffeine because so many people consume it every day and I wantes to learn about the ways that it can effect someone and their body.