English and French Settlers

Mary Ecleo

Jamestown- English colonists reached the coast of Virginia and named it Jamestown in honor of their king in 1607.

Pilgrims- were the second English settlers who left England and land in Plymouth, Massachusetts for Christian freedom.

Puritans- were also English settlers from England. They leave England and landed on the bay of Massachusetts for Anglican freedom.

Samuel de Champlain- in 1608, another French explorer, Samuel de Champlain, settled in St. Lawrence with about 32 colonists in New France which is now Quebec.

French and Indian War- English needed more land due to their big colonial population, so they went further west until they reached the French colony. However, the French did not like this, so they allied with the Natives and fought the English over land. Unfortunately, the French and the Natives lost, and the English claimed half of the French land.

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