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January 12, 2019

The Myth of Average

Today a team of us from Lincoln spent the day with other KCS elementary teachers, InDes, behaviorists, and administrators continuing to learning about how to create learning experiences that allows all students the ability to access their education. Today we saw part of a video that I found very interesting and relevant to conversations I've had with many of you.

I wouldn't typically suggest an 18 minute video for you all to watch (we only saw 7 minutes today in PD--it was so interesting to me I came home, looked it up, and watched his whole talk) but this one is worth a watch. The speakers central message is very thought provoking and will make you reflect on your own practice.

I hope you enjoy the video. I hope it sparks conversations between you all about what you heard in the talk in relation to your teaching/planning or what we are doing here in KCS that supports his main point, or might even contradict it. Enjoy!

Snack for Bus Rooms

Please remember to give students who ride buses snack daily while they are waiting for the bus. Marsha has restocked your supply of snacks for grade level bus rooms, please pass them out. Thank you for ensuring snack is passed out daily in bus room.

Reminder for Reboot for Zones of Regulation

The start of the new year means a return to routines and expectations. Please take time to reteach and reinforce your classroom expectations, procedures, and non-negotiables. Winter break is a LONG time for our kids to be out of routine. Use circle time, and other moments in the day to be deliberate in reteaching and reinforcing the expectations for your classroom.

There will be lessons to reteach the four expectations to our students on the 7th. I will email you all when they are in our TEAM drive for Lincoln. These lessons will be created by members of the the leadership team and the expectation is that all teachers teach each lesson before the end of the month of January. You have discretion about when you put them in your instruction, but I would strongly suggest that you don't wait until the end of the month.

Also, please reach out to Henry, Marsha, or Kristen, the person who taught your Zones lessons in the fall, to schedule times for them to come in and work with your students this month. Our focus will be to refresh students on Zones, how to appropriately use the Lion's Den, and skills to deescalate. This may be more than one visit. Work with Henry, Marsha, or Kristen to arrange dates. Please have them come and cover these topics with your students by the end of January.

Finally, for teachers please make sure that your Lion's Den is ready for the second half of the year. Does it need a touch up? Is it still in one piece??? Several in the building look great and clearly are used by students. Others, are looking like they may need a revisit. Please take stock of your den and if you need something to help your students use it effectively (ex: stress ball, or a calming book) please reach out to Marsha or Kristen, they may be able to help.

Meeting Agenda's for January

Just more reminders about or meetings this month:

  • We will not have our PLC on Tuesday 1/15 because we will all be meeting on 1/17 for RTI conferences. A SPED representative will be at the 1/17 meetings to help with any questions regarding students you may have concerns with.
  • The 1/29 PLC will be another Data focused meeting. We will be using this meeting to analyze our DRA scores and the results of our 9 week assessments. Please bring your student's data to the meeting (your computer if it is on a district data base) to facilitate our conversation. We will be looking to focus on students that are in our quintile 3,4.and 5 groups to identify what we will specifically do to ensure continued growth for these students. I will send out guiding questions for you all to think about and respond to prior to our meeting to help us use our time as productively as possible.
  • The faculty meeting on 1/14 will be a presentation from Jason Gordon from the Tennessee Behavior Support Project on classroom management. I hope that his presentation will provide you with ideas and more supports to use when working with our students.
  • The faculty meeting on 1/28 will likely focus on restorative practices and possibly technology.

Visitors from Greenville Have Rescheduled

We will not have visitors on the 15th. They have needed to reschedule to February. I will keep you posted on the new date.

Coaching Visits 2.0

Leigh Anne and I finally have a more reasonable observation load this schedule which will allow us to get back to our coaching visits for this year. Leigh Anne and I are really interested in being back into rooms, to provide you all with non evaluative feedback on your practice with the goal of improving instruction and student growth. We will be dividing up the staff with Shasta and letting you all know who you'll be completing coaching cycles with for the remainder of the year.

As we did last year, these visits will be scheduled so you'll know when we are coming. The visits will last between 10 and 15 minutes and we will schedule a face to face 5-10 minute meeting to talk about what we observed. During our conversation we will talk about what the students were doing, what the teacher was doing, what was working, and what needs support. This year we will include an action list where next steps will be documented so we can easily map positive changes in your instruction. I am very excited to start coaching visits and look forward to helping you continue to grow as educators.

Second Nine Weeks Field Trips

We are scheduling to go see a movie for our second nine week's field trip. We are nailing down the date but we are fairly certain it will be the week of Jan 22. More details coming soon!

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