Bailey Charles

A Me Poster


  • I've lived in Jacksonville most of my life, but it's still not where I consider I came from
  • I'm majoring in mechanical engineering
  • Joined excel for the benefits that the program offers, and because of how useful they are to an engineering major
  • I hope that excel will help teach me skills I need to succeed in college
  • I play guitar and enjoy making music and listening to many genres of music
  • I am the one in the graduation cap in the picture

Whitesboro to Jacksonville

I was born in the very small town of Whitesboro in upstate New York, a little bit outside of Utica. My dad moved down to Jacksonville with my brother when i was about two and my mom and I followed soon after. Most of my family remains in Whitesboro, which is good because they make up most of the population, I try to fly up there at least once a year to see them so I still spend a lot of time there and think of myself as coming from Whitesboro.


As I stated before, I am majoring in mechanical engineering. With a major that relies so heavily on STEM classes it makes sense that I would want to join the EXCEL program. with all the STEM classes I take I'm sure to get a lot of use out of the priority scheduling. like a lot of students, I barely ever studied throughout my years of school and so with all the hard classes I'm going to be taking I will get plenty of use out of the EXCEL center as well.

A Unique Fact

I have played the guitar consistently for four years now, I own both an acoustic and electric both of which I left back in Jacksonville for now. I enjoy both covering my favorite bands and making my own music. The music I make has a wide range covering almost everything I enjoy listening too. I enjoy listening to bands and artists from Tech n9ne, to The Beatles, from Taylor Swift, to Slipknot, but mostly make and play rock and rock music.