By Abby & Bella


There are many city states in ancient Greece but one of the very most important one is Sparta. Sparta is stronger than Athens in many different areas. One area that Sparta is strong in is education. Sparta education was a big thing because everyone needed to be really tough and hardworking. Athens was very weak in this spot because they didn't really focus on forming strong warriors unlike Sparta. Another place where Sparta was strong is government.This was one of there strongest areas because they had a very organized system. Athens and Sparta were to very unlike city states. Although there were still some pros and cons about Sparta, it was still more powerful than Athens. Sparta is a very strong city state.


As you can see Sparta was a great city state and was much more powerful than the Athens. They had a good government because it was very organized unlike some other city-states. They also had good education. They taught the kids that being a warrior is very important and they made sure every kid was perfect at it. This was good because it teaches the kids to defend for themselves. Even though they were tough on their kids and people it was worth it because they became very powerful.