I'm Henry the 8th I am!

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What we can learn from the example of Henry VIII

  • We can learn to be wise and to loyal to our loved ones
  • People can understand that time is nothing to take for granite
  • even when your growing old in your age you can be strong
  • Don't marry many times wait and find the one

King of England

  • Reigned over England from 1509-1547 as the 2nd king of the Tudor dynasty.
  • Henry Viii was constantly taking his country to war. Which he was terrible at leading.
  • During his reign the court was the centre of national politics. The great and powerful were drawn to this arena.
  • He provided the inspiration and leadership for the reformation from the start of the divorce proceedings through the monastic dissolution until he died in 1547.
  • He married 6 times and fooled around with countless women. But he only fathered 4 children who survived infancy.
“Of all losses, time is the most irrecuperable for it can never be redeemed.”― Henry VIII of England ,This means you cant turn back time and say what you mean or change a mistake.

“Though some say youth doth rule me.”

― Henry VIII of England, People believed that he was growing weak in his old age.

“Who does not tremble when he considers how to deal with his wife For not only is he bound to love her but so to live with her that he may return her to God pure and without stain when God who gave shall demand His own again.”

― Henry VIII of England, He feels that he is shackled to the moral of being faithful and respectful to his wife so that when he dies god will respect him and he will have spot in heaven.