DATES: October 15-17th 2019

The KAOSPILOT, the progressive business & design school in Denmark, will for the first time run it's highly acclaimed 3 day experience design immersion in Austria. The training will help you design experiences with emotion and purpose that change the way people think, feel and act. You will be immersed into new design driven ways of creating value, and leave with a modern toolbox for leading the delivery of meaningful experiences.

GET THE TOOLS Get a toolbox filled with facilitation methods and design mindsets to create engaging experiences that are authentic, and meaningfully build relationships with your audience.

NAVIGATE COMPLEXITY Learn why experience design is an effective lens to help you focus on the experiences that matter most to your audience.

LEAD THE CHANGE Become a more confident and effective leader and facilitator – through learning the language, mindsets of experience design. Develop the skills that you need as a designer to focus on what is important and take decisive action.

Kaospilots Experience Design Course
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  • You are ready to explore how experience design methods can level up your offerings to customers and or participants in trainings you lead.
  • You are already in the process of transforming the experiences you offer your customers to make them more meaningful, creative & engaging, and want a modern methodology to do it better.
  • You work professionally as an experience designer within the tech field, but you want a new and bold perspective on your work. If this is you, the course will enable you to work with more complex challenges, as well as make the application of your knowledge more holistic, and meaningful.
  • You are consultant or change facilitator that wants to develop professionally and harness the power of an experience design approach to creating transformative learning experiences.
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  • Meaningful Experience Design – Learn how to plan and execute experiences that meaningfully engage your team and audience.
  • Purpose Driven Development – Learn to lead your teams to work faster and create more impact through using purpose as a guiding organizing principal in the experience your create.
  • Lean Design Approach – Learn to get tangible feedback fast, test your assumptions and make better your experiences continually better.
  • Engagement Strategies – Learn to consistently engage yourself, your team, and ultimately your end users in the employee or customer experiences you design.

    Read the full program description here.

    If you have any questions about the content of the training, contact the program designer and facilitator - Andy Sontag: aso@kaospilot.dk


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If you have a feeling there’s more to your specialist field of design than meets the eye. Or an itch there’s a gap in your knowledge, then I suggest you take a look at this course - It could turn you into an experience design superhero.

  • Tim Hoad, IKEA

The course wasn't a course at all. At least not in the traditional sense... It was an immersive experience. We learned and integrated experience design on all different levels. You touched our head, heart and hands. In just 3 days... Now, 2 weeks after the course I see experience design opportunities everywhere.

  • Fanny Koerts, Entrepreneur

I came to this course with an idea of how to use culture & experiences as a driver of integration between all the parts and people of the company I am a part of running. I left with a fantastic experience concept, and now I am back in São Paulo making it a reality with my Brazilian team. ...in short: a life changing experience!

  • Luisa Bernardes Martini

If I could, I would make everyone within the tourism business attend this course. It opens one's eyes to the power you have to positively impact others, to the beauty of setting the stage for others to experience what touches their hearts - in any business imaginable, in any fight you fight (for the better hopefully ;))

  • Theresa Valenta, Tourism Consultant

I have returned back home with a whole community of ‘experience designers’ to network with and a bag of tools of how to design experiences. If you want a WOW, I can highly recommend The Kaospilot Experience Design course.

  • Dr. Kyoichi Murakami
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Standard: € 1.950 + VAT

Early bird (registration until July, 31st): € 1.800 + VAT

What is included?

The registration fee includes the 3-day learning experience, all food from the 15th to 17th of October, and three breakfasts, three lunches and two dinners, plus drinks and brain food snacks during the course time (vegetarian/vegan/other dietary restrictions if needed).


Depending on the actual participant number our accommodation options will be either based in the castle or the manor houses in stone-throwing distance to the castle.

Shared room fee (same sex)

340 € + VAT

For those who don't mind sharing a room with other course participants in a beautiful modern apartment.

Private room fee

360 € + VAT

For those who want a little more privacy.

Next Steps

After you have completed the registration form you will receive a booking confirmation. All details regarding travel planning, accommodation, packing list and starting time will be sent out during summer 2019.

Cancellation Policy and Refund Terms - In case of cancellation less than 3 weeks before the course starts, 50% of the registration fee will be refunded. Cancellation less than one week before the course starts, will result in a refund of 25% of the registration fee. Cancellation on part of Kaospilot will result in 100% refund of the registration fee. Participants are always entitled to send a substitute.

Beautiful Castle in Austria

Tuesday, Oct. 15th 2019 at 9pm to Thursday, Oct. 17th 2019 at 4:30pm

A-2873 Feistritz am Wechsel Niederösterreich, Austria

This immersion will be hosted in the wonderful Burg Feistritz castle. You can see more here:


Burg Feistritz is located only 80 km south of Vienna and is embedded in the rolling hills of Lower Austria. The history of Burg Feistritz dates back to the Middle Ages, when the castle was built as a defensive structure. Massive walls, towers and canons are reminiscent of this time long past. Centuries of development, private restoration and cultural prosperity have transformed Burg Feistritz into the noble and inviting castle of the present day.

The beauty and serenity of the historic scenery and the abundance of comfortable guest rooms form a perfect environment for creative get-togethers, for reflection and for exchange of ideas. Surrounded by romantic landscape gardens, woodlands and ponds, Burg Feistritz is a peaceful and secluded hideaway for groups in search of a special location.


Katja has 20 years international experience leading purposeful organizational development and culture to help clients/employers make a meaningful difference. She is a Kaospilot alumni, with experience working at IDEO, Frog, ustwo and has consulted for many fortune 500 companies. Experience design thinking is in her DNA. Read more here.


Michael originally focused his education on computer science, but soon realized that humans are much more complex, and exciting than machines ever will be. In his work, Michael tries to transform the complexity of people and their working situations through simple and creative approaches in motion. He is often inspired by modern artists and their works, the tension between the digital and the analog world and the wide world of emotions.

This is also the core of the cooperation with the Experience Design group of Kaospilots. The logical and unconditional focus on the emotional aspect in people's experiences and / or gatherings mirrors in a wonderful natural way with the hands-on approach of Michael. Michael collaborates with KaosPilot on organising and hosting their Experience Design Professional Program in Austria.


Felicia supports people within and outside of organizations dealing with changes and accompanies them a bit on their way. She is passionate about creating worthwhile encounters - conversations, meetings, workshops or trainings (just to name a few). Worthwhile in the sense of creative, unique and meaningful.

As a systemic consultant, coach and founder of featuring Consulting, she has been working with distinct groups in different settings and on different contents with the aim of letting the sparks fly. The connecting dot: Directly addressing people with experiences. For that reason, Felicia can't wait for the KaosPilot Experience Design workshop to be held in Austria, taking part in this experience and enriching her work and encounters through these methods.

Network Partner: Doujak

Doujak Corporate Development partners with your leadership team and organization to develop your teams, to transform your organization and to grow your business.

Network Partner: Featuring Consulting

We are a dynamic and innovative consulting firm with focus on systemic consulting and coaching. The company was founded by Felicia Fuchs with the aim of supporting companies, their employees and private individuals dealing with major changes.