Grade 5 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary School

Summer Term Week 5 Monday 2nd - Friday 6th May 2016

This Week

Being a 4 day week, the week has flown by. We got off to a flying start down at the pool on Tuesday morning. The children all demonstrated an excellence attitude both when competing and supporting their fellow house members. A big thank you to Mrs Crossland and the PE team for all their hard work putting the Gala together and also to the parents who were able to come along and support their child. It was a long, hot morning!

Check out our gallery at the end of the newsletter.

Language Arts

Our new Language Arts unit has begun and we are excited to be starting a new genre. We began the week by defining what we mean by a myth, legend and folk tale. We shared some of our favourites and it was wonderful to listen to stories from different cultures across the class.

The number of stories which fall into this category is vast and incredibly diverse. We have therefore carefully selected a small range of stories to study in depth. After reading the stories in pairs we analysed the texts carefully focusing on settings, characters, author’s craft and themes. We presented our findings to the class. We revisited our definitions and decided whether each story was a myth, legend or folk tale.

Next week we will study ‘The Legend of King Arthur’ in detail and plan and write our own versions of this famous story.

Myths and Legends

Read or Watch some famous Legends from around the world. Which parts do you think were real? Which parts are exaggerated?


This week in mathematics we have been introducing four-sided figures. We have been looking at shapes to recognise properties that each of these shapes possess. We were able to identify and name a parallelogram, rhombus and trapezium. We then cut out a few shapes to help us state the properties and to work with these shapes to find unknown angles using the properties we had learnt of a parallelogram, rhombus and trapezium. We also will be sending home a review on percentages so please look out for it and celebrate what went well.

Grade 5 Acc

This week, we have completed our unit on 4 sided figures. We have learnt to apply the various geometrical properties such as corresponding angles and consecutive interior angles in solving problems involving quadrilaterals. Our class completed a quiz and a test, so look out for these coming home to celebrate what went well. Next week, we will be moving on to Average.


After making a splash on Tuesday at our swimming gala, we continued to get wet in class too! We carried out an investigation into the forces involved in floating and sinking. Did you know that objects float depending on how much water they displace? The weight of the object has to be less than the uplift of the water or it will sink.

Next week we will be learning about magnetic forces. We think it's going to be positive-ly exciting!

Archimedes and The Golden Crown

Watch this short video to learn more about density and the forces of floating and sinking. It is a little challenging - don't worry you don't need to know any formulas.

Next week's Virtue of the Week is: Tact

Tact is telling the truth kindly, with consideration for how your words will affect others. It is knowing what to say and what is better left unsaid. Tact is thinking before you speak. When you are tactful, you don't tease or point out people's differences to embarrass them. You are as careful about others' feelings as you would like them to be of yours.

Dates for the Diary

Olympic Star UES Visit - Wednesday, May 11th at 8 am

Mufti Day - Thursday May 12th

Founders Day - Friday May 13th (School finishes at 12.20 pm)

Grade 4 - 6 Sports Day at Clementi - May 18th from 8.30 am

Cinema Under the Stars - Friday, May 20th

Grade 5 Fairground Exit Point - Thursday, June 16th

End of term - Friday June 17th (12:20 pm)

Swimming News

This week has seen the end of our swimming block culminating in the Fantastic swim Galas for G1-6. Well done to everyone! Please note that all classes (with the exception of those below will now revert back to double land PE until the end of term). There will be NO further express swimming classes.

G5SGe are now on their swimming block, which will continue on Thursdays at 1pm until the end of term:

Swimming Gala Gallery

Claire Douglas

Head of Grade, Teacher of 5CDo and Maths Group 4

Paul McGath

Teacher of 5PMc and Maths Group 3

Scott Gericke

Teacher of 5SGe and Maths Group 2

Sally Baines

Teacher of 5SBa and Maths Group 1

Lina Chua

Teacher of Accelerated Maths Group