Water gate

Jorge Guarneros

Richard Nixon and his involvement

1. Richard Nixon tried covering up what happened.

2. Nixon administration have done illegal activities in Watergate

3. Nixon bugging rooms and recording conversations

4. Nixon turned over 64 recordings and one of them showing he order a cover up of what happened.

5. Nixon dropped out of office after he knew he was going to be impeach

Picture of place

This is where the Watergate scandal had happened.

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On June 17 1972 a group of people were caught inside of the Democratic national committee inside of the Watergate. The people who were caught was connected to Richard Nixon campaign. They were caught trying to bug the room and also steal secret documents.

Richard Nixon took steps to cover up what had happened. He used money to buy out the FBI which did not work and affected him even more. He did not want the public to know anything about what had happened but it was to late. People already knew about it and was enraged by it because he tried covering it up instead of trying to come out with it. He later resigned because he knew he was going to be impeached.


Gerald Ford- He was chosen to become Richard vice president. Later becoming president when Richard resigns and grants a pardon for what Richard have done.

Bob Woodward- He is a journalist for the Washington post. He exposed the Watergate scandal and told everything what was happening.