By: Emma Treco & Lexi Wagstaff

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Official name: Republica del Peru

Capital: Lima
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The Peruvian Flag

Significance of Flag

The color red on the flag represents the blood shed for independence and the white portion of the flag, represents peace and purity. The wreath and branches in the middle represent liberty and freedom. The yellow cornucopia containing gold coins represents Peru's mineral wealth. The cinchona tree represents flora and the Vicuña represents fauna, freedom, national pride, and heroism.


In 2013, the population of Peru was 30.38 million and has risen over time.

Tourists Attractions

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Their money is called Nuevos Sol, but the US dollar is accepted almost everywhere in the capital. The coins there are called centimos. Exchange rates are steady. Instead of dollars, Peruvian money is labeled as PEN.

1 PEN = $0.34 in US money


There are a lot of delicious, traditional food; here are just a few.

  • Lomo Saltado- sauteed beef tenderrloin stir fried
  • Cuy- Fried/grilled guinea pig
  • Spicy Chicken Stew- chicken strips made in yellow sauce
  • Filled Potatoes- ground beef stir fried with hard-boiled eggs and black olives. Mashed potatoes are molded around it.
  • Peruvian Chicken- Marinated grilled chicken
  • Sausages and Fries
  • Pan Fried Rice and Beans Flatcake- mixture of rice, beans, bacon, and spices made into a pancake, served with steak, fried banana, and fried egg on top.

Cultural activities & entertainment

A lot of the people in Peru are Mesitzo over 75% of the people that live in Peru are catholic. Festivals include: Christmas, Corpus Christi, and Holy Week. Peru festivals are very colorful and there are always lot of them, here are some examples:

  • Inti Raymi - Sun festival ceremony that originated when the Incas thought that the Sun God would leave them. In the ceremony, an Inca carries a scepter and shield and is carried by people that represent the four suyos also known as cardinal points. Then two llamas are "sacrificed" to please Mother Earth. Afterwards, dancers dance to drums shouting phrases to the sun. This festival is the most important celebration to this continent. On June 24 in Cusco, Peru.
  • Del Carmen Virgin - In this festival the Virgin represents the cult towards Mother Earth. It is a colorful parade filled with lots of music and a choir singing in Quechua and groups of people representing the different Peruvian history. The image of the Virgin goes by the streets, blessing all of the participants and to scare away the demons. This festival is on July 15-16 in Cusco.
  • Spring International Festival - Every year the city of Trujillo celebrates what turned into one of the most important festivals in the region. It has a variety of cultural and social activities including, the election of the Spring Beauty Queen, bull fights, horse presentations, music concerts, and more! But the best part is the traditional parade where both international and national beauty queens greet the audience.
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Ollanta Humala


Peru is a Constitutional republic which contains the legislative, executive, and judicial branches (like the United States). Ollanta Humala is the president of Peru, elected in 2011.