21st Century Learning - Term 2 W1

ANZAC Resources - A comprehensive list of ANZAC Day resources.
Spirit of the Anzacs (Official Music Video)

New Resources

During the holidays I have tried to add new resources to most pages.

Rather than listing all of them, I will include a link to the pages that feature the substantial new additions.

Anzac Ted Video
Reading - 13 new additions.

Writing - 4 additions.

Grammar - 3 new additions

Spelling - 3 newbies.

Narrative - 2 inter-actives.

Persuasive Writing - 7 new additions.

Poetry - 2 new additions.

Comprehending - 5 newbies.

General resources - 4 newbies. The Syrian Journey resource is powerful.

Writing Prompts - one new link that contains 30 pictures of children around the world.

And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda Book Trailer

New Units

Circus - Stage 1 created by Angela Pusz

Monsters - Stage 1 - created by Kathryn Dunbar

British Colonisation - Stage 2 - created by Leanne Williamson

Japan or China - Stage 3 - created by Stephanie Westwood

Letter from Gallipoli
Diary of a Gallipoli soldier
Simpson and his Donkey
Word Wall - This is a newly created page that shows examples of word walls.

Daily 5 - This is also a new page that features ideas to inspire.

L3 - Lots of new additions.

TEN - 20 new ideas.

Parent Support Page has been created which features documents and links that would be ideal to present to a parent workshop or information afternoon.

My Grandad Marches on ANZAC DAY
Art - Lots and lots of new ideas that will inspire.

Music - 2 new additions, which includes a great idea from Linchfield 5V and the resource called The Music Teacher.

7 new resources have been added to the Resources page.

Adam Brand - The Anzac

Maths I Can statements - Lizzie Chase has adapted the I Can statements to create her own version.

Maths - 6 new additions.

A few items have been added to Number, Measurement Geometry and Statistics Probability

Asia - The Sacred stories resources are new.
The Poppy Story (Early Years)
Peter Jackson - Restored Gallipoli Film - ANZAC Day