Team Newsletter

September/October 2015

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Happy 4th Birthday Perfectly Posh

Posh HO had a huge party on October 1st. Marking our 4th Birthday!! A little "soap and lotion" idea Ann had has really evolved into changing many lives as well as hers! This picture is of the Corporate office in downtown Salt Lake and from what you can see they really lit the building up!! Awesome!
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Welcome to the Holiday Season!!

Hard to believe but the Holidays are quickly approaching!! Poshmas seemed to come early this year but with the products they've rolled out they are soon to sell out when November arrives!! They will also get you ready early for Christmas marketing ideas!! Display them in stockings or other creative packaging and sell as a bundle or get people thinking of small gift giving ideas for their growing gift list. 1 package of Poshmas bath bombs is actually 3 gifts!! Great for your hostess or your best customers also! Here in California it's been HOT so getting ready for any holiday at this point has been hard for many but with the change in weather soon (hopefully) this will also get people more in the holiday mood and we can be right there ready to help them with their needs :) Don't forget to protect yourself when it comes to shipping times getting closer to Christmas, I know early to talk about. I usually cut orders off in December about the 10th-15th just to ensure I get them in time and I'm not out delivering on Christmas Eve. Posh will give a cut off shipping date, I think last year was the 18th or so but just be ready for the Posh rush and have some in stock items also :)

Dayaway was pretty amazing!! Little more laid back than years before but still special to see Ann and Andrew, Megan and the home team come and speak about all things Posh. Games, Portal Store (that was the best ever and didn't' sell out in 10 minutes!) sampling of all the NEW products and give aways of course!! Jane won the whole 4 tester boxes we tried with all the new products!!! Next year will be a little different tho I'm assuming. Now that they will be more geared like a convention instead of a mini convention they will probably be even more amazing!!! Inspiring and lights your fire back to why you joined Posh and keeping you going until the next Posh event is the main driving force behind these events. There may be 1 small tiny thing that you take away or many HUGE things but it all boils down to P-O-S-H! The products you fell in love with, the customers you pamper and the opportunity in front of you that is endless!

I have a favor from all of you. I need your input. If you've joined Posh for yourself or to make it a business small or huge I would appreciate an email from you. Email me and let me know what you want to see from our team, more newsletters, more info, more ideas, training videos, team calls, posh team clothes, local team get-to-gethers, whatever it is email me and let me know! All that email me with valid ideas will be entered into a drawing for some goodies from me :)

What are you doing today for you? What do you want to do with your Posh brand? What are your plans to get to where you want to be with Posh? What products have you used today for YOU? What is your most favorite Posh product? Who have you seen in our Posh community that inspires you? What creative ideas do you have for your next event? What is your goal with Posh?
Whew alot right?! Ask yourself these questions. Include them in your email to me. Just copy and paste them right in the email and let me know!! I'm interested in you and what you strive to do! There is NO right or wrong answer just your answer!!

On a side note....I'm NOT your boss!!! You DON'T answer to ME!! Posh is YOUR business!! I'm here to help, guide, inform, listen, cry with you (cause I cry at everything), encourage and support YOU! We are all a team. In Posh together. Mature adults that are brought together by the love for some amazing products! Any business has ups and downs, it's not always rainbows and butterflies! BUT if we help each other we are better for it!!

Remember your sponsor and/or other teammates are always here to help in anyway for anything!! Don't ever feel silly or that you have a "dumb" question or concern!! Reach out!! It's the only way to learn or excel!!!

Take time out weekly to work your Posh business, little things go along way!! Enjoy your products and help others to do so as well!!! Megan always says "You have to show up to go up!!"
Work It, Love It, Be It....POSH!!!

Allacyn Spears
Team Leader of Pinkalicious Poshers
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NEW TIME for Splurge

New, Limited Edition, Limited Quantities, Not in the Catalog!!!!
Each month Posh comes out with this amazing item on the 3rd Thursday of the month!!
Be ready this week!! Let your customers know something special is coming and get them excited!! Maybe even have a "Splurge of the Month Club" and make a group just for them!
Remember it's against P&P to order WAYYY more than you need and you risk getting stuck with a ton of products you can't sell quickly.
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Business Reminders

When using the Posh logo make sure it says "Independent Consultant" on it. There are many pre-made in the graphics FB group and in the Box.
When referring to yourself in writing remember to make sure you print "Independent Consultant" with your title. (EX: Patty Posh, Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant)
We are not allow to set up stock and sell in a business establishment. We can set up a display and samples tho.

Posher Spotlight

Barb Caripides - PP2

Hi Everyone! A very dear friend of mine Allacyn Spears introduced me to the Posh products because she knew I was looking for natural face and body products that contain no chemicals. She showed me the products and sent samples home with me. I have known Allacyn for 10+ years and know that she has very sensitive skin. She was having a hard time finding products that didn't cause her skin problems. Allacyn came across the Perfectly Posh products and can use all of them with no skin issues at all. That made me want to try the products because I was a Clinique facial product user. The word WAS is correct I don't use Clinique facial products anymore! My favorite combination is exfoliating BFF in the shower followed by Sweet Young Thing (anti-wrinkle) and Night & Day face moisturizing lotion! I can't express how much I love Perfectly Posh products! The healer stick is amazing on cuts, burns, bites, ect, apply it to the infected area and watch the healing process happen!! I encourage anyone to give the products a try because they speak for themselves! Oh did I mention that the products go a long way, which means you don't have to use a lot when applying them and are very affordable! So if you are looking for healthy, chemical free, naturally based products made in the U.S.A. you have found them!!!! Enjoy!!!

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Monthly Team Numbers and Top 5

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$5,405 team sales!!!
50 teammates and 25 with sales
6 NEW recruits!!! That's jus mind blowing to me!!!!

Over 500
Shelly & Nicole F.

Over 200
Amanda, Mary & Victoria

$5,985 team sales!!!
51 teammates and 22 with sales

Over 500

Shelly, Nicole F., Cindy & Heather

Over 200

Danna & Jane
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