Online Dangers

stay away! By: Kristin and Hannah

Online Predators

Predators manipulate you into thinking you can trust them so they can convince you to meet up with them. Predators comfort you and make you feel worthy and like they are interested in your life. They are experts and dangerous manipulators. Predators make you dependent on them and isolate you from everyone else in your life. Predators will most likely be men but they can be women too. They can be rich or poor, old or young and any social religious or ethnic background. In real life they keep to themselves, online they talk between each other about techniques to talk to children, and tips to avoid being caught by the law.


Children can also be victims of online, verbal, or emotional abuse. Hostile, racist, or sexist language or content could be used against children as well.
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Technology has changed our lives in a good way, but can also be subject to abuse and cyber bullying. When you're on online you should remember that there are still boundaries. You still have to learn how to act, treat others, and protect yourself. If you receive a text or email from someone you don't know you should not respond and delete the message. Last, if you think someone is stalking you online you should tell someone trust worthy or call the police.


Violent or sexual images can be a way of abuse. Peer pressure can also lead to sexual abuse.


If you talk to someone online do not meet up with them, but if you do go, don't go alone. Never give out your cellphone number online or talk with strangers. Do not let your friends talk to strangers or meet up with people they met online.
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Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying can lead to being banned from websites and chat rooms. Police can even arrest you for harassment if you threat people online.


  • Just about anything can be traced online
  • Internet predators can not easily be spotted
  • To create a relationship of trust, predators start out friendly and charming
  • You can be found online even if you don't give out personal information

Teens Life

Online predators can impact a teens life because if they meet up with them they can be raped, killed or abused.


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