Dominaye Burch

By: Dominaye Burch

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The Highlands of scotland

Scotland has huge hills and it is also rocky and bumpy. Before the 19th Century highlands was much population. The region became culturally dishtiguishable from the low lands.
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The language spoken in Scotland is Gaelic. The main lanuage spoken there is english.

Head of Goverment

The prime minister of Great Britain. Since 1999 executive powers for non-reserved matters of the government of Scotland rests in the hand of the Scottish Government. Where legislative powers for non-reserved maters within the competence of the Scottish Parliament.
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The pound sterling, which is divided into 100 pence.
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National Flag

Officially scotland's flies the Union Jack- the flag of the United Kingdom. Unofficially, the traditional Scottish flag is the St. Andrews cross. It is a blue square with two crossed white stripes. The Scottish people have flown the St. Andrews Cross for hundreds of years.
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A steak pie is traditional meat pie served in Britain.It is made from stewing steak and beef gravy. You can put vegetables if you want.
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