Styled by Joyce ~ Hostess Guide

Congratulations on becoming a hostess!

You are officially a 'Styled by Joyce'- Hostess!

That means that you are now my business partner. We will be a team during your Pop up Shop and I will do my very best to give you and your guests a fun experience. And of course, earn you as much free goodies as we can ;).

This Email will give you all the information you need, some tips for the days leading up to your pop up shop and it will give you a good idea of what you can expect.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to text or call me at 717-517-1605.


Joyce King

Your Hostess Portal

When you log into your account at you will be able to click on the ''My events tab'' at the top of your screen. This will bring you into your Hostess Portal. You can add your guests here with their name and email address. It is also where you can keep track of your pop up total, your rewards earned and your incentives.
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Hostess Referral = Extra Incentives!

When you scroll down in your hostess portal, you will see your Booking Rewards. Not only will hostesses booked from your Pop up Shop receive a Free pair of studs. It will also increase your incentive levels, adding a 50% off item at $400 in sales + 1 referral. And best off all you will be able to get the $1000 hostess exclusive set at just $600 in sales + 2 referrals. This is a fairly new hostess perk with Chloe + Isabel and has been a terrific tool for hostesses.
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INVITATIONS Tips + Options

When it comes to inviting your guests remember that ''Personal is always better''. A Facebook event invite is great, as a way to RSVP. But the invite itself should be more direct, exclusive and pretty. Along with the post card invitations that I gave you as part of your hostess packet, consider a graphic that you can send to your guests as a reminder a day or two before the event. Or if you prefer, you can also send the initial invitation graphic in a text or direct message. Click the images below to enlarge and then save.

Before your Pop up Shop

I will arrive to set up 1 hour to 1,5 hour before hand.

I have a large display and it does take a bit of time to set up. If I have some time left I'm happy to help you finish up your food and drinks and tidy up wherever needed. Don't be afraid to ask ;) . I will also ask you what your Pop up Shop goal is, have you filled out your wishlist yet? Let me know what it is that you would like to earn for free!
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What can you expect during your Pop up Shop?

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My display setup is never the same and I incorporate the seasons

Put me close to the food, because that is where the people congregate :). I will not just use 1 table, I'll also set up mini displays around the area of the living room and even with the food. I use a vintage vibe in my displays and always aim to create that boutique shopping experience for you and your guests. You are welcome to help me set up, if you find that kind of thing fun :) And even suggest items from around your home that you'd love to display. A pretty vase, tray or even tea cups. This is not a must, but I find that hostesses often love to be involved in the creation of their in home boutique.

Remember we are team :)

We will work together the entire event. I will have just a short introduction, but no long product speeches as the jewelry really speaks for itself. You as the hostess have all freedom to be part of everything. I will style your guests and you are welcome to help. Before the pop up starts peruse my jewelry and pick out something you'd like to wear. And don't forget to give back the jewelry I lend you before hand ;) Feel free to put it in the display set up.

Work the room, be sociable be yourself and most of all have fun!

After the Pop up Shop

Packing up will take about 30 minutes

I will take the orders placed during the pop up shop home with me and place them that evening. Your guests can expect them within the week! They will ship to each guest's home individually, so no work for you as hostess to deliver the goodies!

I will tally up the total before I leave and let you know where we are towards your Pop up shop goal. In the next few days we will follow up with the guests who have yet to order, weren't able to come and finalize any future hostess bookings though your hostess portal. Once all order have been placed we will submit your order with your free credits.

Hostess Rewards fineprint

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Thank you for being my partner!

I will stay in touch with you throughout the weeks leading up and days after your Pop up shop. I want you to have as much fun as possible. And if you have any questions, concerns or ideas do not hesitate to reach out to me!


Joyce King

Your Chloe + Isabel merchandiser.