Identity theft

By Jeramey Dunlap

how identity theft work?

It is when somebody got a hold of your identity and pretends that they are you.

who this scam targets?

They target young kids like 18 to 20 year old

how do I prevent it?

Do not give away any information to any one or thing you don't trust

how can i tell if i have it?

you will see something that you did not buy on your credit history

what is the economic impact ?

there is a chance that you lose all your money

do you think the average person will get it?

Yes any one can get it no matter who you are but it just matters what you do.

what dose this scam rely on?

it rely on a person that it is greedy and a dumb move by a person.

what emotions it depends on?

charisma so they can trick the person to give them information.
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