3rd Grade Weekly Update

February 8th-12th

Weekly Objectives

Reading- I can determine the author's purpose for writing a text.

Writing- I can use my I-chart to create my expository draft. I can revise and edit my expository draft. I can publish my expository paper.

Math-I can identify fractions in parts of a whole and set. I can describe what a numerator and denominator mean.

Science-I can explain the order of the inner and outer planets. I can identify the similar character traits between the inner planets. I can identify the similar character traits between the outer planets.

Social Studies- I can practice map scale. I can practice directions using a compass rose. I can review map skills. I can apply map skills.


Reading- Read each day for at least 20 minutes. We are studying nonfiction right now, so reading any type of nonfiction text would be great! Homework: Scholastic News

We started a new program called Lexia Core 5. Students can log in through Clever and practice at home. The activities are specially curated for each student in order to address his or her personal needs, and students need to spend at least 40 minutes a week on the program between school and home.

Writing- Spelling Quiz on Friday! (IXL Language Arts Lessons TT.1 & TT.2 are great to study Contractions!)


Skip count in the car to practice! Come up with fun rhymes! We need 100% mastery on facts.

Science-Solar System Project Due February 22nd

Social Studies- Our Map Skills Assessment is on Thursday, Feb. 11.


We will be celebrating our friends and kindness on February 12th at the end of the school day. From 2:30-3:30, we will be having a treat, passing out friendship cards, and painting "kindness" rocks!

If your child would like to bring friendship/Valentine cards to their classmates, please make sure they are bringing one per classmate. If they are attaching a treat, it needs to be store bought. The cards need to be brought into the classroom BY FEBRUARY 10TH.

On February 12th, your child will be receiving their cards, but will not open the cards or treats until they get home. If your child would like to bring a decorated box or bag, they can! If they do not want to bring in one from home, we will have plain, white bags that they can put their name on and decorate on the 12th.

The 3rd Grade Kindness Activity we will be completing is creating a kindness rock. Please have your child find a rock these next few days that would be perfect to paint and write a message on. When they find their rock, have them bring it into the classroom. They need to bring in a rock BY FEBRUARY 11th. We will make these on the 11th and 12th. Your child will then take them home with them and find a great spot in the community to place them.

If you have any specific questions, please email your child's teacher.


Water Bottles

Please remember to send a water bottle with your child, so he or she will have something to drink throughout the day and can refill it as needed. We don't have access to our regular water fountains due to Covid.

Vocabulary Website to Practice at Home

Click on the green book. We are working on unit 9.


Checking Grades Online

Please make sure you are checking your child's grades on TAC. If you have any questions or concerns on grades, please email your child's teacher and we will set up a time to discuss. Thank you-3rd Grade Team