Transition Plus

Helping Students on the Road to Adulthood- Week 10

Monday Morning Memo

If you have an item to be placed in the Monday Morning Memo:

  • Email it to Jason by the end of the day on Thursday.
  • Write the email in the third person
  • Please Put Memo in the Subject line of the email
  • If you have something that is an attachment- please convert it to a Google Doc and give me the hyperlink as it gets time consuming when I have to convert everything.

Visit Transition Plus

Visit Transition Plus event will be happening tomorrow from 5:30-7 pm. The evening will consist of a small presentation given two times and tours.Licensed staff, if you are here for this event please come to the cafeteria at 5:00 to assist or check in with Colleen.

If you attend this event you will be able to exchange 1/2 day Friday afternoon on grade reporting day.

Shredding and Recycling:

We are in need of shredding for Team 1, if you have shredding please let me know as we would like to set up a regular pickup schedule for Team 1 students. John S will be coming around to pick up recycling between

12:21-1:21. If you don’t want to be interrupted, please put your recycling bins outside your door.


Here is an article that Tia shared.

Bullying As Another Symptom of the Need for ESSA Planning to

Focus on Transforming Student and Learning Supports

Her advisory has decided that bullying correlates to level of maturity and they plan to speak up and encourage others to be more mature.

A couple of great websites are

Stop Bullying

Pacer Bullying Video resources

Mary Shared the following resources:


Counselor Corner

Grades are due before you leave on Friday 11/4, CR or NC marks. If you have a student that entered T-Plus late and you want them to get partial credit, please chat with Robby.

As a school-wide initiative, please use comments in your report cards. Here are comment codes.

Heads up: November is conflict resolution month- Robby will be going into classrooms to deliver a guidance lesson on this topic.

Guidelines for Community Events not Scheduled on Fridays

If a Community Event is planned on a day other than a Friday:

They need to check in with all of their teachers and advisors and bring this form around to teachers to sign. The form is also found in the licensed staff/teacher folder.

If busing is needed it should be requested 30 days in advance to ensure adequate turn around.

Be sure to get signed permission forms for any students that are not their own guardians.

Make sure there are appropriate provisions are you making for the appropriate amount of staff/student supervision.

Depending on the students attending you may also need to check in with the nurse re: any medical plans.

Java Drinkers

If you like having coffee provided by the office everyday, we need your help. If you are a coffee drinker please contribute tothe coffee supply.

If you drink coffee you NEED to bring coffee in to contribute- it has been a bleak fall for contributors. This is not something that comes out of the T-Plus budget.

Transition Plus Kids Room

Have you been meaning to clean out some closets and drawers before the winter hits? Have you walked past a clearance rack and seen something for 50 cents and wondered who you could buy it for? It’s time to donate to Transition Plus Kids Room!

We will be collecting gently used baby clothes, toys, and books for our students with children. We will take clothes from size newborn up to 3T. Please make sure all clothes have been laundered prior to donating them. Please make sure toys are clean and safe for young children. You may drop the items off to either Tia or Laura. We will let you know where the items will be housed and when they will be ready for students.

Students in need of toys or children's clothing should be directed to their Social Worker in order to access the TPlus Kids Room.

Here's Why This Modeling Agency Wouldn't Submit Photos of a Baby With Down Syndrome

Spirit Week

Student council and JAG have put together a Spirit Week

Monday------ Nov 7--- Pajama Day (School Appropriate)

Tuesday------ Nov 8---Twin Day (dress like twins with a friend)

Wednesday- Nov 9--- Crazy Day (let's just not get too Crazy)

Thursday---- Nov 10-- 90s Day (for some of us this is stuff in our closet- for them it's retro)

Friday--------- Nov 11-- Rainbow Cancer Awareness (See here for color meaning)

Staff Appreciation! Educators 4 Excellence

On November 10th. Educators for Excellence will be providing a free lunch (11:30-1:30) to staff in the staff lounge. I did mention to them that we have some staff that are GF and some that are Veg. Educators for Excellence is a non-profit organization working to include educators' voices in the education policy making process. They have been instrumental in work around ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) to overhaul No Child Left Behind.

Due Process Reminders

Don’t forget to document in DP Contacts whenever a document is sent home. Otherwise the DP Clerk will always refer to the date it was generated.

For key IEP and evaluation changes training, three new classes have been added. Folks can sign up on eCompass (90655):

· 11/3/16 @ 3:30 – 4:30 PM

· 11/9/16 @ 7:00 – 8:00 AM

The old Evaluation process will be turned off at the end of the day on 11/15/16.

If a student is a SP/ELL student you need to remember to include Janet in on the IEP team invite. She should be at your meetings whenever possible. She should be present to discuss ACCESS testing or give parents/students the opportunity to opt out.

Committee Sign-Up

If you have not already signed up for a committee please do so here

There was an added committee to look at curriculum for T-Plus.