Progressive Revolution Party of CAN

Progressive Parti de la Révolution du Canada

Our Mission Statement

The Progressive Revolution Party of Canada is an association of members and supporters who share a vision of a prosperous, socially just, united and environmentally healthy Canada for all Canadians. We seek progress and change that benefit our country and it's citizens in a positive way.

Our mission is to represent Canadians in Parliament in order to realize our vision and to have Liberal values and principles embodied in the governance of our country.

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What We Stand For

We believe deeply in a Canada that protects freedoms and is governed openly, transparently, and fairly.

- People to have their say

- Be equal

- Free education, healthcare: reduce wait times.

Economic Policy

The Canadian middle class hasn’t had a decent pay raise in 30 years and, as a result, is struggling to make ends meet. The Progressive Revolution Party wants to raise the minimum raise for workers around Canada so that they have enough money and savings for their daily necessities in our country that they need to live.

Our Government will:

- Raise the minimum wage to $12.50

- Create jobs by granting Employment Insurance credits of $1300 for businesses that hire new workers. Under our plan, up to 175,000 new jobs could be created.

- Ensure smart, sustainable investments in Canada’s infrastructure to create jobs, increase productivity, attract investment and improve our quality of life.

Social Policy

Canada is at its best when Canadians are healthy, happy, secure in their homes and able to look forward to retirement. We know that federal leadership must play a key role in helping every Canadian reach their best potential.

Our stance on healthcare will be beneficial to all Canadians.

Every Canadian must have access to timely, publicly funded, high-quality, universal health care, regardless of background, physical needs, geographical location, or income. We believe the federal government must show leadership and work in collaboration with provincial and territorial partners to address critical health care issues like reducing wait times, and strengthening homecare, seniors care, mental health prevention and treatment, and pharmacare.

Our Government will make sure that we treat our indigenous and aboriginal people fairly and equally as everyone else. Under the Conservative government, they went through a lot of hardship.

Across the country, Indigenous peoples face hurdles no one in this country should have to face when it comes to access to education, secure housing and safe drinking water, to name but a few. We are committed to work in partnership on a nation-to-nation basis with First Nations, Métis and Inuit, based on Indigenous rights, treaties, and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in order to achieve significant social and economic progress in these communities.

Foreign Affairs and Defence

Canada should be a true leader. One that has earned its place at the front of the pack.

Foreign Affairs

We believe that Canada should be a world leader at multilateral institutions, working with our allies to promote cooperation, tolerance and respect within those bodies.

Canada's military and veterans

Liberals will ensure that no veteran will have to fight the government for the treatment and compensation they have earned by putting their lives on the line for this country. We will treat our veterans right and give them what they deserve.

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If we are going to achieve positive change for all Canadians, I need your energy and your passion. I need your idealism and your ideas. And most of all, I need your hope and hard work. This is an important moment for Canada. A better Canada is possible. Together, we will build it.