Welcome to the Green and Blue Thing


So your probably wondering fellow Flingle Bob, why am I here?? Well there's more than just green and blue here. But first lets brake this down a little bit and divide it into.. Ehhh lets say... 3 ways? Sure why not! 1). Time zones. We can split this up by where the sun would be facing on your side of the earth. IF your on another side it can change from up to 12 hours. 2). Climates. We have a have a half mark around our whole earth called the equator. The closer you are to it the hotter it will get the farther away, or closer to the poles, the colder it gets. 3). Land Formations. There's is 7 contents , Australia, North America, Africa, Europe, South America,Asia,and Antarctica. Within these there are many countries Important to know so you know were you are. And now we go deeper here are so Amazing places to visit!
Now you might be skeptical about this one but..... Mount Everest. Some of the great things about this are, well for starters, You'll be a legend!! Now that's if you climb to the top of it, If you are just looking it will be one of the best things you'll ever see! But the down side (yes there's always down sides to things) If your climbing it, ready for this? Death, yes very likely and scary. Frostbite, Dangerous ice, and many other bad things. But if you have the right packing list.. were did i put it ummmm. hold on a second..... Ah Ha! Found it! swim suit, beach friendly toys, SUP.. Hold on wrong one. *swishing papers* There we go. A heavy heavy duty sleeping bag and tent, mountain climbing equipment, and energy bars. While your there and you enjoy it then I would travel to mount Fuji!
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Now lets go across the ocean and look at the Mississippi river. The opportunities of this physical feature are: (if your in the season and time) you can see 60 percent of birds in America migrate! Now that's just crazy! There's also many recreational things to do Such as fishing, canoeing, rafting, and swimming. But the obstacles of this one aren't bad making this a better place to visit. The one major one is that its muckier water making it a little worse for swimming, and its been extensively modified making worse water quality again making even worse swimming conditions.Some travel tips are if your going to be staying out on the water for long periods of time make sure you stay hydrated. Packing list, if your fishing a boat and fishing gear. A coat in case it gets chilly. Other major rivers include The Nile, and the Amazon.
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And the best for the last *drum roll in back ground* Niagara Fall!! My personal favorite and yours too I hope soon! First the opportunities A great tourist spot and It is literally the coolest thing you will ever see! (interesting fact about 52,000 gallons of water pour out of the great lakes and into the Niagara a day) But if your lucky enough they will be doing a legendary stunt , that's if your luck is that, 1 out of a 1,000,000 chance rate. And after all my research i couldn't find any challenges for this one! i looked in a lot of places and still came up empty. I searched low and high but still nadda. A travel tip is if you go on the boat ride make sure to bring a rain coat or umbrella. Packing list just your usual things you would need nothing special. That's what makes this my favorite is the fact that you need to prepare beyond your usual needs. Making it easy Other amazing places Yosemite falls, Plituice water falls, and Southern land falls.
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Thanks for listening or reading!