21st Century Learning - Term 3 - Week 1

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New Curriculum

English Units - 30 new units have been added. Titles include Magic, The Terrible Suitcase, Diversity, Emily and Alfie, Australian Animals, Selby, Wild Wild World and more! These units have been created by Jenny Wetheral, Glenmore Park Learning Alliance, Duncan Peard and Laura Chaffey. Thank you all for sharing : )

Science - Leanne Williamson led a group on the National Curriculum as part of a Community of Schools Leadership Group Executive Initiative.

"As part of this project, our group compiled the following Powerpoint to support our schools in the unpacking and familiarisation of the Science curriculum. We included a number of activities to promote collegial discussion." A brilliant PL resource for your school.

Science Checklists - Jodie Klein, AP Yeoval CS, has shared her ES1-S3 Science Checklists. An excellent resource!

Stages 2 - 3 Scopes - Developed by Leanne Williamson, Thomas Acre PS AP.

Science Work Samples - ACARA - satisfactory, above satisfactory and below satisfactory.

What Is Geograpghy? - A great PL you tube clip for your school.

Geograpghy Scopes

Maths Scopes - Leanne Williamson and Steph Westwood have shared theirs.

New Maths Resources

Numerous Maths Resources - Number - Measurement + Geometry - Statistics + Probability

Lots of new, vibrant and engaging Maths activities for each strand.

"There are thousands of great online Maths activities to support student learning. The ones I have selected are the ones that I would/do use in my classroom."

Have you seen Deb Ross's K-6 Maths Checklists and Assessments? Another excellent resource Deb has shared.

New English Resources

Teaching Reading and Viewing - Developed by Queensland Studies Authority and contains numerous teaching activities and strategies.

Fact and Opinion - 3 new resources.

Point of View - Authors Purpose - 3 great clips that explain POV and 2 Stage 3 activities (Koalas and Wildlife Park)

Swirk Resources for Procedures, Explanations and Recounts.

Informative Text - News Reports - 2 new Stage 3 resources - Pop Star Puzzle and Car Town.

Tool to teach the Dewey System

Non Fiction and Fiction - 4 clips that explain their features and differences.

Posters for Thinking, Listening and Disagreeing.

A new site, "Agenda Web", that contains Grammar activities and resources.

Spelling Resources - Word Symth Kids, an easy to use online dictionary. Plus 2 games Alpha Bot and Ro-Bee.


QR Codes - Guide on how to add your own voice to a QR code. Plus create colourful QR codes.

New Music Creator apps and Drawing apps.

Minecraft - See examples of how Minecraft has been embedded into learning.

Computer Activities section has been added, which provides:

- computer feature resources.

- 15 ways to use Power Point in your classroom.

You may have missed it before, but Ryan Noonan explains how he used PPT to create amazing mazes.

Web Tools - This page includes great Web 2 tools to create music plus Problem Solving activities.

Digi Puzzles - I discovered an enormous range of online digi puzzles (jig saws).

Create 3D objects using these free templates.

If you haven't watched the MaKey Makey clip you need to!!!!!

Whilst you are on this page read about the Hover Cam and Pixi Clip.

MaKey MaKey - Invention Kit

Other Resources

Commonwealth Games - Lots of great resources.

Culture For Kids - Click a country to discover its facts. A great find.

Learn A Language - Hover the mouse on the picture, then listen and say the word.

Geography Resources - A variety of interactive maps.

Assessment - Clips "Formative Assessment In The Classroom" and "Moderating Student Work". Plus "From Assessment To Programming" document which was produced by the DEC.

Matrix Glitch

Sharing Ideas, Resources and Units Strengthens Teaching.

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