Scratch vs Kodu

An assessment by me

A bit about Scratch and Kodu

About Scratch

Scratch is a simple visual programming software that can help anyone, Adult or Child, get into the world of programming. Scratch is a great place to start with if you are just learning to program as it has a really simple UI and is easily understandable. Scratch works by making you drag blocks together in order to make the character or 'Sprite' do something on your screen. The possibilities with scratch are almost endless and it is a lot of fun.
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About Kodu

Kodu is also a visual programming software but is a bit more diverse in terms of terrain than Scratch. Kodu is a 3D programming software. It works by letting you program different characters to do different things at different times. You can also change the terrain something that is lacking in Scratch and the possibilities for games are truly endless. It's very simple and the UI is really easy to understand for anyone of any age. I think its a lot of fun.

What are the differences between Scratch and Kodu?

There aren't that many differences between the two programming software as they are both visual but here are just a few of the small differences.

Scratch is a 2D based programmer that lets you customize the characters a bit more but lacks in the terrain and other 3D things that Kodu can do. Surprisingly Kodu is the opposite as it is a bit behind when it comes to customizing characters. Other than that there really aren't many other differences as both are really simple and are visual drag and drop or click programming software's.

Which one is easier to use?

In my opinion i think that they are both quite easy to use but i think that Scratch is easier as it is in a fixed frame and also makes sure that the user doesn't have to handle terrain. This paired with the fact that Scratch does have less command means that overall Scratch is the easier programming software to get into for a complete beginner.

The command used in each software


Scratch uses a drag and drop interface for you to use in order tho program your sprite. Here is a basic idea of what you do.

All of your command go right under a command that tells the game when to do something. SO for example if you drag and drop 'When flag clicked' then whatever is underneath that command will happen after the flag is clicked. I have a screen shot below to Show you how this is done.


Kodu uses a click interface in order for you to make your character do something.

Here is a basic idea.

Its a lot like scratch and so the first thing that you need to do is tell the character when something happens do this. For example you could say when space bar pressed shoot rocket. And that is how you program the whole thing. You just keep on repeating that over and or telling it when something happens do this.

Which do i prefer?

I personally prefer Kodu over scratch as there are simple more possibilities with it and it is overall the more diverse programming software out of the two. Even though it lacks in customization it is still the better one in my opinion as i like more advanced programming software and Kodu seems to be the more diverse one of the two.

Reviews of Kodu

Here are some reviews of Kodu

Really easy programming language that feels like speaking English and can be picked up in a matter of seconds. There is very little need for a tutorial here, everything is pretty self explanatory. The terrain creator is one of the easiest out there, and as aforementioned the programming is just so easy - I wish big advanced programs like Unity had a mode with a language like this. Extremely easy, even kids can do it. It is all visual.

Lots of different options and controls to make it do different things, still playing with it to learn more.

I like it's game creating abilities.

9 year old kid

Great game, when you learn how to do it, it is so easy.

Reviews of Scratch

Here are some reviews of Scratch

  • Gets kids started with programming. Easy and fun introduction to coding. Allows saving and sharing projects with friends. Can download for offline projects.

  • Great course. I learned a lot. Now I understand better how to program in another language like Python. But start with Scratch, it was amazing! Thanks for the great work!