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Central Idea

Patricia Polacco was born July 11, 1944, and grew up on a farm in Michigan with her mother, brother and grandmother, she often found herself expressing herself through art since she couldn't read due to dyslexia, and later became an author.

Summary of Reserch

Patricia Polacco was born July 11, 1944. She spent her early years on a farm with her grandmother in Union city, Michigan. Her grandmother died in 1949. She struggled in school because she couldn't read due to dyslexia, and was unable to read until 14.

She is currently 70 years old. She lives on meteor ridge farm in Michigan, which was named after a meteor chunk that fell in her yard. She lives in her grandparents old house and loves it. Patricia Palacco is now an author and illustrator.

Summary of Synthesized books

Writing style:

I think the writing style in Patricia Polocco's books is a Narrative style, I think this because in her books she likes to tell the stories in pictures. Also in her books she try's to entertain the reader by telling a story with lots of details. Last but not least Patricia Polocco always puts her book in 3rd person. That's why I think the writing style is Narrative.


I think all of the characters in the book have a problem that another person helps them over come. I think that because in the book "Thank You Mr. Falker" Trisha, the main character, cant read, She overcomes not being able to read by Mr. Fulker helping her. Also in the book "Mr. Lincoln way" Eugene is a bully, but the principle helps him over come it. Last in the book "Pink and Say" They are in the civil war and one soldier helps another. All these characters have one thing in common, a problem, and another character always helps them.

Patricoic Palacco

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