Ganymede orbits Jupiters

If Ganymede orbited the sun insted of Jupiter it would easly be classifide as a planet.It is larger than Mercury and Pluto and is about three quarters of the size of Mars.It is about 3 billon years old.

Ganymedes layers

It has fore main layers. It has a outer core and a inner core just like earth and an ice layer and a rock shell on the top. it is perdictide that it has water because of its smooth apperince but it would be frozen because the weather is at about -277.6 degreese farenheit or -172 degreese Celsius witch would be colder than any humen could live in.
Ganymede: Jupiter's Largest Moon | Video

ganymede orbit

It is located 390,400,000 miles from earth. It orbits around Jupiter in about 7.154 earth days or about 1 week.
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Gravity- 1.428

orbited period- 172 hours

distance to earth- 390,400,000

discoverd- January,7.1610

circonfience- 10,273