Amazing Blue Whale

By Ryan Belcolle


“Oh no! The Blue Whale is endangered”! Today I will be talking to you about the Blue Whale’s habitat, body structure, and diet. Blue Whales are fascinating creatures. Let’s go dive in, and learn about the Blue Whale!


Now I’m going to share some facts about the Blue Whale. Blue Whales are the largest animals in the world. They are even bigger than dinosaurs. Also Blue Whales are related to hippos. When Blue Whales regularly they can go 3-20 mph. And when they are in danger they can swim 24-30 mph. This is amazing how they can swim this fast because of how much they weigh. Blue Whales habitats are getting ruined. We have to do something to stop this so they don’t become extinct. Blue Whales are cool animals. I hope you enjoyed the adventure about the Blue Whale. Let’s do something so the Blue Whale doesn’t become extinct.

Think Tank

Down below you will see a comic strip of the Blue Whale.This will tell you some facts about the blue whale
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Word Wall

Down below you will see words about the Blue Whale.
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Go Fish

In the go fish workshop I got to create my own fish tank. We had a budget of $250. We bought many fish. We got 2 margarita snails, 1 Blue dansel, Black kuhli lend, and 4 Balloon belly molly. We spent a total $12.88 for fish. We spent a total of 105.78 on the whole project. We will need 20 gallons of water. At the end we had $46 at the end


This a project that shows the coral reef. Down below is my diorama
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This is a video of the Blue Whale!

Amazing Blue Whale - the Biggest Whale in the World!