By Alex Grell

Facts about Uranium

Physical Properties

  • Melting point: 1.408 c
  • Boiling point: 4.091 c
  • Solid shiny silver metal

Chemical properties

  • Atomic #: 92
  • Density: 18.95 g.cm -3
  • Atomic shells: 7

Where can uranium be found?

  • In the topsoil anywhere on earth

Uses of uranium

The primary use of uranium is to create Atomic bombs. Uranium is not only used for destructive purposes it is also used in x-ray machines for medical use.

Richard Uranium

Richard uranium was a young boy that was bullied all through school. He had minor disabilities that seemed to stopped him from participating in any kind of athletic event. This is because when he was a baby his parents dipped him in a vat of uranium to see the reaction to a human.

As he got older he began to get into troubled situations. He would break into building, steal from stores and even hurt innocent people. Nobody could stop him because his uranium bath had given him super powers.

One day his parents finely approached him and told him what he is doing need to stop. After they apologized for doing this terrible thing to him he began to use his powers to help people in his community. Now Richard is a hero of his city and everyone likes him.