Did Aunt Salma die because of the Anesthesia?

Safety rules!!!

Wear aprons

wash your hands thoroughly when finished

disposal: pour solutions down the drain and rinse with water.

Pre-Lab Questions

1. Have you ever had experiences with anesthesia (dentist/doctor/???) If you have never had the experience, do you fore see a future experience?

2. What are the characteristics of an anesthesia that are desirable?

3. What are the characteristics of an anesthesia that are not desirable( dangerous)?


Step 1 connect the colorimeter to the computer and prepare the computer for data collection by opening the file "11b Beer's Law" from the chemistry with computers folder of Logger Pro.

step 2 handle the cuvettes only by the sides that have ribbed sides

Step 3 open the colorimeter lid and holding the cuvette and place it in the cuvette slot of the Colorimeter. close the lid. and then press collect and then press keep and do the same process till you have gone threw all of the cuvettes then once you are all done then press the stop button.

step 4 discard the solutions down the sink.


So the average percentage for Anesthesia is 40% or less but her level was 60% so she did die of an over dose.