#LIVEWPI | September 10, 2015

What do you need to know?

- For trash you should dispose of it in the dumpster located between Daniels & Riley Halls. Recycling locations are located at either Ellsworth 16 or Fuller 15 outside of those apartments.

- The laundry room is located near the parking lot below Ellsworth Apartment 10. You can use either Goat Bucks or coins. Cost is $1.50 for each wash and each dry cycle.

- If you have any problems with your space, please email your RA with the concerns. Location and issue is important to include in the email.

September is Fire Safety Month!

Win Prizes for Fire Safety from The Center for Campus Fire Safety!

Click the button below and enter yourself for a chance to win a pizza party for 50 of your friends and a chance at an iPad Mini3!

Join Hall Council!

Please use this LINK to run for a position on your hall council. Hall Council is an amazing way to get involved on campus. Do you remember Suitcase Semiformal, Pizza Wars, and Krispy Kreme doughnuts? If you do, Hall Council brings those to campus. If you don’t, stop by a General Body Meeting every Monday (Higgins 116 @ 5PM) and check it out.