Weekly Update

November 14

Next Week

Next Week: Book Fair in the Library

11/19 Wednesday- Earth Quiz

11/20 Thursday- DARE Posters Due- students have a rubric

Field Trip Permission - in Tuesday's Folder (CMS Concert)

11/25 Tuesday Rock Quiz

Language Arts and Science

We have been reading non-fiction for science as part of our reading time. This week we read about the types of rocks and the rock cycle. We had a great lesson with Mrs. Quillin about the rock cycle where students played a probability game that took them through the possibilities of the rock cycle. Students also wrote a comic strip about a rock traveling through the cycle. Next week, we will learn more about erosion and weathering.

This week, our reading lessons have focused on character traits and writing summaries. A Fab 5 Fiction Summary is written for by identifying the following elements: somebody (the character), wanted, but, so, then. Ask your 5th grader for a demonstration!

We have also been working on cursive writing, singular/plural, and proper/common nouns. Spelling/Vocabulary this week included our Greek roots as well as commonly misspelled words.

Next week, students will be reading novels - we need a bit of break from all of the non-fiction reading! Students selected their top choices from three available books; we are looking forward to reading mystery, animal fantasy and humorous fiction!

Reading Logs - I will return reading logs to students on Monday. Please check in with your student on their nightly reading homework and sign their reading log...even if your kiddo as told you it is not necessary. :)


Math 5: We continue to focus on multiples and applying them to problem solving involving multiplication and division. We have also been working on finding the area and perimeter of quadrilaterals and triangles.

Math 6: Students have been multiplying decimals and are moving along to division with decimals.

Everyone should continue to practice multiples for speed and accuracy in multiplication and division. :)

HomeworkOpoly :)

I intend to be as low maintenance as possible when asking for items.... BUT I would happily take donations to the HomeworkOpoly game supply! A bag of wrapped mints, Smarties, Nerds etc. would be most appreciated! Other trinkets that have been a hit include: pencils, erasers, bouncy balls, Ring Pops, mini rolls of duck tape (anything mini!) These little treats make playing HomeworkOpoly extra motivating and fun.

Middle School Music Field Trip

Our field trip to CMS on December 15 will showcase music opportunities for elective classes. We are scheduled to leave at 8:45 and return to CSES by 10:20... I am looking for two parent chaperones- please let me know if you are interested in going!