Final Writing Prompt.

Perseverance means to never give up, or give in. To keep trying, and to have hope. Big or small, young or old never give up and try your best. Go over the limit and to keep trying. People who want things don't just get they have to take it and earn it.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt- She believed that white and black people should be free and both be able to have free rights. I agree with Eleanor Roosevelt. I think she was smart for thinking and saying people should have free rights. "Roosevelt was a controversial First Lady for her outspokenness, particularly her stance on racial issues. Eleanor held a press conferences, she wrote newspaper articles and she spoke at conventions.

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson was a great a baseball player he persevered threw baseball. Back then black people were not allowed to play baseball. But Jackie Robinson didn't give up on baseball. He played baseball in the major leagues. Everyone called him names during baseball and out of baseball. He persevered through baseball and never gave up.
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Rocky persevered threw a fight he put a lot of time and fought his way threw the fight of his life. He trained so hard to get where he was. if he would of never trained so hard he would of gotten his butt wooped/ got beaten up.
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