Theodore "Mr. Clean" Roosevelt

"Cleaning the streets by day, preventing diseases by night!"

The Delimma

Theodore "Mr. Clean" Roosevelt is a great president, however, there is one person that is stopping "Mr. Clean" from doing his job to full potential, the Dynamic Disease!! "Mr. Clean's" Evil Nemesis!

Dynamic Disease

The Dynamic Disease, "Mr. Clean's" Evil Nemesis, got his name from creating so much sewage and spreading all kinds of diseases as he pleases!

Here are some of the things he does to cause havoc for the people:

- He tried to spread as much Yellow Fever as possible when building the Panama Canal

- He slips badly packaged meat into homes so families get sick from it

- He wastes as much natural resources so people will suffer later in life

- He ruins National Parks whenever he can

- He gave men Malaria when working on the Railroad

Help from a smaller scale

Theodore "Mr. Clean" Roosevelt can't defeat the Dynamic Disease all by himself, so he brings in his trusty side kick Sam Hopkins Adams or better known as "Medicine Boy"!

"Medicine Boy's" Contribution

He wrote Revelry (1926), which was his most well-known book and was based upon the scandals of the Harding administration. Also, wrote the "Great American Fraud" in Collier's Weekly, which exposed the false claims about medicines. These works that he made were huge in the contribution of the fall of the Dynamic Disease. He helped pass the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 which majorly helped Theodore "Mr. Clean" Roosevelt improve public Health Regulations!

The Fall of the Dynamic Disease

With the efforts of Theodore "Mr. Clean" Roosevelt and Sam Hopkins "Medicine Boy" Adams the Dynamic Disease went down from these special tools/weapons:
- The Pure Food and Drug Act Spear of Despair
- Meat Inspection Act Rifle of Pain
- Antiquities Act Hammer of Death

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