Education Reform

How do we Adapt?

Standardized Testing: Is it really accurate?

As stated recently by Seattle Highschool Teachers during Garfield Highschool's protest against standardizes tests, this form of testing appears to, instead of accurately measuring a students knowledge, base its results on general standards, and not what is actually taught in the classroom.

Physical Environment

"Sweden's Newest School System Has No Classrooms"

These new, dare I say, 'revolutionary' Swedish schools appear to change the students' and the parents' view on education and what it really means. With interactive spaces, no letter grades, and level rather than age grouping are all characteristics of this new innovative way of learning. Very much contrary to standardized testing, the new schools being operated appear to have a very good outlook on education reform, looking to turn students into independent learners, who, instead of working for those A's at the end of the year, work for knowledge and the joy of learning.

"There’s a whole new classroom model and it’s a sight to behold. The newest school system in Sweden look more like the hallways of Google or Pixar and less like a brick-and-mortar school you’d typically see."

"You see, learning how to learn is actually the biggest and most important ability"

Vittra Telefonplan (English subtitles) - Presented by Videobrigade

Tik Tok

While these drastic changes in the education system all around the world is widely discussed (receiving both positive and negative outlooks), I do not believe change can come soon enough; however, under a more realistic, worse perspective, it probably will take a while. Standardized testing had nearly become a main focus of classrooms today, which should instead be aimed towards a well-rounded curriculum for the best interest of the student. This, as many of us so clearly wish would happen soon, might take a while to have its outbreak. We are quickly and constantly loosing students' brilliant minds to standardized testing and a "one-size fits all" education system, that we forget, as well stated by Nikhil Goyal, afterall, "One Size does not fit all". In a time where individuality is slowly being taken away from us, we need to remember that not everyone is the same - whether it be in or out of the classroom - and begin to build around that. And the clock is ticking.