Being Different is Good

Ashley Luedtke


She doesn't care about what people think. She does what she wants and wears what she wants without caring what people think. Even if it means wearing a lab coat, or a trench coat.


She brings up the randomest of things and is really confident in who she is. She doesn't have someone telling her who she should be.


She can be happy and cheerful then turn to a murderous intent in an instant. She doesn't care what other people think about her.


I got to school on Trick or Treat night Everyone was wearing a halloween costume. Peyton was Jimmy Casket, Caelyn was a zombie survivor, and Danny was a fairy. A lot of people thought Peyton's and Danny's costume was odd and different. When we were at school we made a lot of different references to the costumes that we wore. With Peyton's costume people didn't understand what she was because her costume was from a fanfiction, so people didn't get the costume. We hung out for the day with us making random references.