By: Megan Winkle

Why does this business/ organization exists?

They have many popular products that are common bought by people around the world. They have a large variety of successful electronics.

What does their customer want?

They want quality technology that stands out more than others. They want the newest they can have and the most up to date.

Who is the target audience?

All ages and gender enjoy their products. Ethnicity doesn't affect the amount bought and used, many different people around the world own high quality technology items. Personality depends on whether people want these apple products. People who enjoy science and technology most likely want these.

Who are their competitors?

I would say their biggest competitor is Samsung. They also have many successful products that are sometimes picked overApple products.

What media do they use?

They have a big website that in known world wide. They also have commercials and videos out that are viewed often.

How would you describe and rate their media/marketing strategy?

I think they have a very successful efficient way of advertising their products. They are a very well known company and it shows.