Marfa Round 3: 12/17/14

What to Expect Today:

  • A quick discussion of the Intent of our Time Together
  • Review of Round One in August:
  • Introductions
  • Writing: Share & Solve
  • Rubrics Review
  • Strategies to Steal: local & via Victoria Young
  • Instructional Technology & Writing
  • Implementation Time: Lesson Plan
  • TEKS Resource System Review
  • Plan Round Three

Check In:

Please include the following:

  • who you are
  • what you teach
  • other hats you wear
  • the best part of the Fall semester thus far
  • one thing you LOVE about your job
  • one thing you wish you could change about your job
  • one piece of info about you that might surprise the rest of us

Share & Solve

Share your experiences and observations about your students and their writing.

Where do we find success? What obstacles do we face?

Discussion via Padlet: post your responses here:

Recall with Rubrics

Breaking Down the Prompt...

  • Student Pitfalls....Strategies?
  • (Re)Format of Daily Activities
  • Cross Curricular Push
  • Using World Clouds as Visual Summaries (sample student responses)
Big image
Big image

Share & Steal: Best Practices for STAAR Writing

Collaboration through Google Docs:

Instructions and Links found here:

For reference, links from TEA & Victoria Young included:

Go Google: Hall and Oates

CRAFTS: Foldable Idea

C: Context (What is the context for the piece you are creating?)

R: Role (Who or what are you?)
A: Audience (Who are you addressing? Who is this writing for?)
F: Format (What form will the writing take: essay, editorial, response, journal, etc.?)
T: Topic (What is the purpose and topic of the piece? Why?)

S: Strong Verb (What verb defines the purpose of the assignments?)

CRAFTS Implementation: Use to teach Point of View, Character Analysis, Intended Audience, STAAR Prompts (both Expository, Persuasive)

Use sample ideas chart from Michigan Department of Education

Use the RAFT handout template here

Big image
Big image

CRAFTS: Application

Let's try it out!

Writing with Google Docs & Other Instructional Tech Integration Strategies

A Few to Focus On:

  • Google Docs & Slides: Collaboration
  • Google Forms for Online Dropbox
  • Kahoot! (game based response system) Sign up at [play Kile's fave demo Kahoot! game here]
  • Word Clouds: Tagul (works with no flash [aka Chromebooks]), Wordle [requires Java], Tagxedo [requires Silverlight]

Other Resources to Check Out:

Planning Guide: TEKS Resource System

To note:

  • YAG (Year at a Glance)

  • IFD (Instructional Focus Document)

  • VAD (Vertical Alignment Document)

  • Performance Assessments

Additional Resources:

Additional Ideas for Prompts:

For reference:

  • Depth of Knowledge Chart (click here)
  • Bloom's Planning Guide Chart (click here)
  • TEA's 26 line Composition Box pdf (click here)
  • TEA's Short Answer Composition Boxes pdf (click here)

Reflect: Feedback Form

Please provide some feedback about our time together today as well as any suggestions or needs for next time!

Fill out feedback form here:

See you for Round Three: Monday, 12/1/14

On the table: Interactive Notebooks, Modeling/Instructional Coaching, Grade & Calibrate Session

Do This: Add your contact info to our Writing Collaborative Group of teachers here:

For reference, here's our original group for additional resources and contacts!

Laura Kile

Don't hesitate to contact me for any resources, ideas, or to share great things that are happening in your classrooms!

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