Classroom Newsletter

Mrs. LeCroy and Ms. Spencer

10-11-12 <--Ha!

Charleston Info Meeting

Thursday, Oct. 18th 2012 at 4:45pm

Media Center

Next Thursday afternoon before the Fall Festival, come hear all about the trip third grade is planning. Get all of your questions answered, plus find out about chaperoning and fundraising.

Fall Festival

Thursday, Oct. 18th 2012 at 5:30pm

1036 Ogden Road

Rock Hill, SC

Speaking of fundraising, we have a great opportunity next Thursday evening to raise some funds for Charleston. Third grade only has one parent volunteer to sell popcorn (the 6:30-8:00 shift). Thank you Mrs. Jensen! Many of you are already volunteering in another capacity that evening, so thank you as we'll for supporting Sunset Park's PTO! If you haven't signed up to help, we really need someone to commit to the 5:00 to 6:30 shift to start the popcorn and sell it to families. Please let me know if you can help. PTO is waiting for us to have committed volunteers so that they can prepare for us to sell popcorn.


Below are pictures of Brattonsville. Some pictures show them writing with quill pens, some playing "graces" outside the schoolhouse, along with other candids. The students really learned a great deal about life in 1840.

Math - The Land of Treble

Below you will find pictures of students playing a place value game in base 3. We count in base 10, but in the imaginary Land of Treble, they use base 3. Students were racing to regroup to be the first to earn a trickle. Congratulations to Blake and Solina for being able to purchase the three headed slurp! This M3 unit really fosters a deeper understanding of place value and promotes problem solving. This week we are also taking a closer look at the Egyptian number system, and the idea that symbols can represent quantities.

Social Studies

We are finishing up Native American projects this week. We look forward to displaying these in the hallway to showcase our hard work. We will continue to learn about Explorers this week, and then discuss the impact that the Explorers had on Native American tribes. Secret word: 10-11-12


We have been learning about various types of fossils. Students will soon be getting a study guide for science that will tell them how they can earn a four on the report card. It tell them specific information that they should investigate on their own. There is a separate assessment students can take to earn a four. I look forward to explaining this more during upcoming conferences.

Language Arts

We have currently been focused on plot elements for fiction texts, specifically traditional literature. We have been noticing these things in the stories we read and using these ideas in our writing. We've learned that writers purposefully plan for introducing characters and setting (exposition), the rising action, the climax, falling action, and the resolution. After we saw these elements in stories we read, we decided to carefully put them in our own writing.

We also have been focusing on reading nonfiction when working with projects, as well as opportunities to read Time for Kids, Scholastic News, and Storyworks. Students not only read lots of nonfiction, they write a lot, too. Students use nonfiction writing while completing projects, as well as responding in journals daily.