Why should you live in Boston?

Boston has a lot of well-educated people

1. Having a lot of well-educated people in your city makes it easier to communicate

2. There wouldn’t be people living on the road as much

3. They pick better politicians, so the city is just generally a good place to live.

Boston has many historic places

1. A city with history, would allow it’s inhabitants to have good pastimes

2. You could go sightseeing a lot too

3. You could see:

  • Boston is also the place where the Boston Tea Party happened

  • Old State House Museum: Contains many interesting things to see, as it’s one of the oldest buildings there, including some tea from the Boston Tea Party

  • Old North Church: Where Paul Revere saw the British coming by sea to them (the lanterns), in 1775

Boston is a clean city

1. Boston has good air quality (Boston Air Quality Today)

2. It's not overpopulated; only about 559,034

3. Boston made a sustainability goal ("Green by 2015") to replace traditional taxi cabs with hybrid vehicles, recycle trash to power homes, use more solar panels, and use more electric motorbikes for transportation

Boston Maps and Places

Boston is the BEST place to live


By: Aditi V. Vora