21st Century Academy

Providing an Essential Education for a Changing World

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Welcome to the 21st Century Academy!

Our goal at the 21st Century Academy is to move education from the 20th century into the 21st century and provide an education that will prepare learners for life and success in an ever-expanding and changing global society and economy.
What is 21st century education?

21st Century Academy Learner Profile

Our Graduate

Exhibits Strong Personal Qualities

  • Identifies, pursues, and persists in achieving personal goals
  • Exhibits a strong work ethic
  • Pursues continuous learning
  • Advocates for self and others
  • Maintains wellness and balance in life
  • Understands financial responsibilities and actions
  • Contributes to the well-being of the community

Listens, Communicates, and Interacts Effectively

  • Communicates responsibly and effectively through reading, writing, listening, and speaking
  • Works cooperatively with others
  • Develops and maintains positive relationships

Thinks Critically and Problem Solves

  • Defines problems and creates solutions
  • Applies knowledge and skills to real-world situations
  • Reflects on and adapts to an ever-changing world

Engages and Competes in a Global Environment

  • Prepares for college and career readiness
  • Masters transformational technologies
  • Possesses multilingual skills
  • Develops awareness of national and world issues and events
  • Understands and respects one's own culture and other cultures
  • Interacts productively within various cultures

21st Century Academy Courses

We offer our learners a modern, challenging curriculum. Traditional courses such as of English, Math , Science, Social Studies, and Health have been redesigned to reflect the nature and needs of today's global learners. Courses at the 21st Century Academy include:

21st Century Academy Environment and Structure

We strive to customize the educational experience for each individual learner. Complimenting our redesigned curriculum is our redesigned structure offering flexible scheduling for project-based learning, virtual collaboration, cross-curricular teaching configurations, and individual education plans.

21st Century Academy Transformational Technologies

Our learners engage in the social production of knowledge and artifacts through trending technologies such as blogging, wikis, podcasts, and video production. Digital portfolios document each learner's journey through the 21st Century Academy. Media literacy skills are refined and new understandings gained in the areas of semantic webbing and media grids.

21st Century Academy Global Literacy

Our curriculum and culture support learners in acquiring the global knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in the 21st century. Learners have the opportunity to participate in global internships and exchange programs to study in a foreign country. In the classroom global competencies are fostered as learners connect globally through social networks with international learners from diverse backgrounds. International content is integrated into the core content to provide learners with a global perspective.

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We are inspiring and empowering learners for the 21st century!


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Brochure by: Charmain Adcock

Tarleton State University

Curriculum Design & Implementation 5338

Spring 2016