All I want for Christmas is a radio

"To provide music, radio's are there!"

"There is radio music in the air, every night, everywhere. Anybody can hear it at home on a receiving set, which any boy can put up in an hour."

How does the radio relate to The Great Gatsby?

The radio in the 1920's was expensive. At first, only the rich were able to purchase this. Tom and Daisy would of most likely had a radio since money was no object for them. The radio was something everyone wanted to keep up with news and hear the best of entertainment. They would want this because it was new technology and not everyone could have a radio.

How does this symbolize The Great Gatsby?

The radio could symbolizes hope for the people in the vally of ashes. The people that lived there like Wilson and Myrtle were very poor and sad people. The radio would bring them entertainment and happiness. The radio would take them away from their worries and allow them to focus on something else beside their lives.