Vans Shoes

The popular shoe since March 16, 1966.

Why so Popular?

Vans have started out being one of the biggest skateboarding shoe brands in the U.S. As the years have gone by they have become more popular to not just skateboarders but everybody of all ages. They became such a big trend because they're not that expensive, and they last a long time. They are made to be skateboarding shoes which requires good materiel that will hold up for years to come. If you wear them just as everyday shoes they are sure to last you at least a good five years+ before you want another pair. They come in various styles and tend to everyones tastes. They come in little kids to adult sizes. I think teenagers are the ones that have spread them as a "trend" shoe to wear. They started out in California and spread to the East coast over the years. Now they have become one of the most popular brand of shoe to buy today.
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