Sam Ryan


"All I'm gonna do is go on and do what I feel"

-Jimi Hendrix

This quote means a lot to me, because it tell me that I need to do what ever I feel. I cant waste my time doing what others want me to do. This quote is a reminder that I should never settle for anything less than what I want to do and stop at nothing short of my goal.

For when you are munching hard.

When the time comes when you cant go another minute without food, look no further. This food truck comes to the places where people need food the most. Across from hookah lounges and dispensaries always proving quality food at low prices. There is a little something for every type of person that comes by.

We offer some of the easiest and most delicious foods at the lowest cost.

We Are Warriors (feat. Bobby Lee of SOJA)


This song, not only represents my business from the standpoint that I am trying to stand up to fast food restaurants by revolutionizing the idea of fast food, but it also reaches out to my ideal customer. There is a large reggae background of the people I plan on selling my food to. It represents them by backing them and showing that I am with them in their fight against "the man".

Come see us when ever you want. Food, Drinks, snacks, we have it all

For any fix you need this little food truck will come in with the clutch. Any music festival, 420, anywhere the weed goes we go to give the people what they want.

This is Munchies

The food truck always in the right place to give you the food or drink you need. Where the people are we come, always with the same goal of supplying easy to make cheap food for the public. The number one biggest benefit of this food truck is simply the low price we provide for quality food.

The Idea

When I was a young lad, I found myself out in the world as hungry as I could be. I knew I didn't want to go home to eat, but I knew I didn't have to money to go out to eat. Then it hit me, someone needs to make the cheap food that is never far from where are you are.