Importance of clean water

By: Terrance Jackson

Clean Water

Clean Water is important because you get many diseases from unclean water and even possibly die. You can only survive a couple of days without water and when your drinking unclean water it is a lose-lose situation. Water is essential to life and when it is unclean everything goes bad and it is not a fair situation. We all need to help to stop water pollution and save lives.
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Còte d'Ivoire

This is a country in Africa that is at the top of the chart for polluted water in Africa. These are their problems and challenges. 1. During the rainy season torrential flooding is possible. 2. Deforestation. 3. Water pollution from sewage and industrial and agricultural effluents.
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China says that more than half of their ground water is polluted. Water quality worsened in 754 spots year on year. The government is only now beginning to address the noxious environmental effects.
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Benin is a country in Africa that is third on the top charts of water pollution. A coherent institutional framework has been developed for rural areas. Responsibilities in water supply have been defined in a national strategy in 2007. There has been no broad assessment about water quality in Benin.
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